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06 May 2016
Clean Out Your Hair Pores with
  Scalp Cleansing Shampoo
Pores, pores, and more pores! Your skin is covered in them! Wherever there is a hair, there is a pore. That means you could have 5 million pores covering your body! Holy smokes! Pores, small holes in your epidermis (a fancy word for skin) that allow it to breathe, secrete substances like sweat and serve a variety of other functions, do the wonderful job of keeping your skin healthy–if they aren’t clogged, that is. Without them, or if they are clogged and therefore not functioning as they should, you could suffer from a great deal of skin and scalp problems, from dry hands to balding. Lucky for you, you can try Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo. It can help bring all the dirt that doesn’t belong on your scalp (which then gets into your pores) to the surface, allowing trapped the hair on the top of your head to grow again! Once Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo releases all the dirt and grime smothering your scalp’s pores, which can keep new hairs from rising to the surface, nothing will be weighing down your hair anymore. Freedom!
All Clogged Up! The Consequences of Dirt-Filled Pores
When the hair pores on your head are clogged it means that dirt, germs, or oil have collected on the scalp and seeped into your pores. The pile-up of grease and dirt that has accumulated in your scalp’s pores act like any other blockage you would find in a backed-up sink, shower drain or garbage disposal: it prevents the scalp from doing its job. As a result,
  • the chances of developing an infection increase
  • hair follicles are suffocated, as hair is unable to break through the oily mess to rise to the surface
  • bacteria is attracted to the hot-spot of oil and dirt, which may lead to inflammation in the hair follicle
Whether the hair follicles just become suppressed from your clogged pores or infection occurs too, you may suffer from hair loss. Getting those pores unclogged quick should be top priority!
How Do Hair Pores Get Clogged?
Here is a list of things that could be getting in your hair’s way of growing to the surface:
  • dirt
  • dandruff
  • dead skin cells
  • oil
Keep in mind,that some people just have naturally oily scalps or suffer from dandruff. If one of those people is you, you have a greater risk of clogged pores.
Oily Scalp ,Itchy Scalp and Clean Pores? Tell Me How!
Usually at the first signs of an oily, dry or dandruff scalp you’d go running to your local drugstore or supermarket for a specific shampoo on the shelves. But most of what you would pick up at the store is loaded with artificial ingredients. Who knows what you are putting in your hair? What if I told you there was an all-natural alternative to clean out your pores? Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo can keep your pores squeaky clean and functioning properly with none of the chemicals. Using Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo, can stop that germy build-up. By tackling the oily, dirty mess on your scalp,
  • Allows your head to breathe again
  • Frees hair to push through pores and grow easier
  • Prevents infection or inflammation
Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo is also an oily & dandruff-fighting wizard, so if that’s what making your pores clogged, Nanosilk scalp cleansing shampoo can take care of it.

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